About Ase Ire

IMG_0537Ase Ire is an informational, inspirational space where you are invited to learn, grow, and connect with spirit! I am Iya Funlayo E. Wood, PhD, the creator and curator of this space, and I invite you to join this very special community where you can:

Learn about Ifa-Orisa and other African and Diasporic Religions (ADR) and indigenous spiritual traditions from around the world

Grow in your personal practice of Ifa-Orisa and other metaphysical systems and tools like prayer, ritual, tarology, and crystology

Connect more deeply with spirit and with other people like you, who are working toward learning more and going deeper with their spiritual knowledge

You are welcome to partake in the free resources, but members of The Ase Ire Ile get the most out of Ase Ire, including:

  • Live online group meetings and classes with Iya Funlayo
  • Access to all recorded online classes including Ifa-Orisa 101, Elementary Yoruba, Tarot 101, and Preparation for Initiation
  • Free or reduced admission to online events
  • Free or reduced admission to in-person events and classes
  • Annual members-only retreat with Iya Funlayo
  • More!
  •  Find out more and join today!
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